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What is KİTUP ?

The implementation of KITUP began in 28th September 2010 and will be closed at the end of June 2012. During this intensive period of 21 months, the Technical Assistance Team (TAT) composing of a Team Leader, Training Expert, ICT Expert and Public Relations Expert as well as experts in the areas of social security and employment and other technical fields together with the experts of SSI and relevant ministries and social partners will work as a single entity and contribute to the overcoming the difficulties posed by unregistered employment via the promotion of registered employment in Turkey. 

KITUP - Promoting Registered Employment Project, is an EU funded project implemented by the Social Security Institution with the technical assistance of the Consortium led by DeLeeuw International and the Contracting Authority is the Central Finance and Contracts Unit.

The objectives of the project are to increase the capacity of the SSI, other relevant institutions, social partners and relevant NGOs and to support them for the preparation and implementation of relevant strategies, in order to promote registered employment and therefore to provide sustainable economic growth with more and better job and greater social cohesion.

The project’s activities could be contained under three components, namely capacity improvement and policy making, implementation of information communication technologies (ICT) and awareness raising campaigns, which are categorized under eight result areas. These result areas are as follows:

  1. Capacity improvement of SSI, relevant institutions and social partners to promote registered employment
  2. Establishment of a trainer corps that will conduct future internal training of the SSI staff members
  3. Increasing cooperation and coordination between the SSI and relevant ministries
  4. Identification, development and testing of models for inter-ministerial cooperation in the selected areas and locations
  5. Development and operationalization of a new common database for cross institutional use
  6. Raising awareness at national and regional level about the importance of registered employment and social security
  7. Conducting field studies and producing a labour market analysis and describing structures of unregistered employment in required regions/sectors
  8. Dissemination of the results of the grant projects at national and regional level

As part of capacity improvement and policy making, staff members of SSI at central level including inspectors and at regional level in targeting 43 NUTS II cities, MoLSS as well as relevant staff members of line ministries and social partners, will be trained in harmonization with EU social policy, law and practices in combating unregistered employment, inspection and guidance methodologies and EU practices, policies for promoting registered employment and innovative approaches to social security system, among others. In addition, via a training of trainers, a training department will be established at the SSI in order to train future staff members and thus to ensure multiplier effects and sustainability. Moreover, policies and strategies to increase inter-ministerial cooperation in promoting registered employment via development of models and conduct of field studies. By the end of this project’s life-cycle, a strategy paper will be disseminated and a protocol between relevant ministries is expected to be signed.

In terms of producing ICT based solutions in attaining project objectives, a new common database for cross-institutional use will be designed, developed and tested. The database will primarily be used by the inspectors of the SSI and inspectors from other relevant ministries. The database will ensure not only the implementation of effective inspection mechanisms, but also help the SSI to define sectors, for which guidance is needed. Therefore, based on a careful requirement analysis and customised coding, the new common database will help to overcome one of the biggest challenges in promoting registered employment, i.e. lack of inter-ministerial cooperation in the combat against undeclared work. Not to mention,

Conducting awareness raising campaigns for promoting registered employment in Turkey in general and in NUTS II regions in particular is considered as the third major component of the project. In the scope of awareness raising, in accordance with the primary principles of campaigning, a set of activities will be implemented and tools will be produced geared towards raising awareness and information dissemination. These include, but not limited to, the organization of conferences at national and regional levels targeting the stakeholders and general public as well as workshops targeting media, production of printed materials such as brochures, information leaflets and flyers customized for specific target groups, publication of advertisements in local magazines and production of TV spot for public and cartoon stories for children. The dissemination of the results of more than 40 grant scheme projects implemented under the “Promoting Registered Employment through Innovative Measures (PRE) Grant Scheme Programme” will also be conducted in the framework of awareness raising.

Project Team
Management Structure
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